Securilux has a wide range of product to help you Track & Trace your assets.

Your Assets - Vehicles - Containers - Machinery - your Employees


We provide secure, intelligent and modern systems:

  • User friendly solutions for our clients.
  • Real time - know where your fleet, machines, materials are at any time.
  • From one of the most simple GPS to very ingenious state of the art equipment and software.
  • Latest technologies available for you.
  • Our Customers are SME businesses in various sectors.
  • Privacy is important to us: all our solutions are equipped with on/off modus



Why Securilux:

  • Securilux innovates in new quality products
  • Securilux has the newest techiques available for you
  • Securilux has an extensive range for:
  • alarm systems for containers
  • infrastructure security
  • fleet management
  • Logistical tracking solutions
  • Lone worker solutions


Securilux has a track & trace platform to follow all your vehicles, specialized in all types of cars, trucks, specialized machinery.


Optimize your rounds





Securilux has THE easy solution for tracking shipments, parcels, goods and containers all over the World.



Input/improve your CRM, ERP, WMS


As Employer are you concerned on the wellfare of your employees.


Securilux has the easy solution to follow your Lone Workers to increase their safety.


Contact details:

SECURILUX (Kheiron s.à.r.l.)

1, rue Enz

L-5550 Remich

G-D de Luxembourg

+352 621 25 32 32




Very convenient fleet management system, in this way I can optimize the routes and have improved my sales.