Safety Management



Easy management


The dashboard called O.W.L oversees all and maintaince reporting possibilities and

analysing tools


Smartphone App


with this app your employee manages their own alerts or can raise panics if needed.

The employee can also turn it off

for privacy reasons.


one of the devices which are available is the SOS Fob.


The SOS Fob is a small device which will allow you to raise a discrete alarm.


24 – 7 automated protection

for vulnerable people,

isolated workers in a risk area and sedentary employees


With a built-in GPS, man down alarm and a dedicated alarm button, this product offers vulnerable and sedentary people an easy-to-use solution and gives workers extra protection during their workdays.


LoneAlert protection is available from the LONEALERT smartphone App

on Android, IoS and Windows.


For your specific situation there is a wide range of devices.


Contact us to find out which is best in your case




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