Who are we

Securilux is founded in 2002 and has more than 25 years of experience with tracking and tracing. From Luxembourg we cover Europe with our products and solutions.

We started with Sattelite tracking of vehicles and anti theft systems for high end cars

  • Quality products and service since 2002
  • For SME's, insurances, governance and consumers
  • Installation service for the customers
  • Increasing of safety, ROI and efficiency
  • After sales service

Securilux advises and installs the best system of the market. We are creative and ingenious to install and integrate all into a perfect integrated system.

We ensure that your business is improing due to our solutions.

NEW TECHNOLOGIES are tested and selected

The common ground is the tracking and tracing.

We search and test new technologies and developments to understand what is best for your situation.

WE have GPS, GPRS,  RFID, BT, and many other possibilities to help you track your fleet, assets and people during the working hours.

Our TECHNOLOGIES are ready for the future

The new technologies we implement can become part of:

-  the internet of things IoT and Smart contracting  and

-  machine learning, M2M, ERP, CRM, SAP, WMS and

-  virtually every system

So that you increase your productivity by optimizing the routes, getting the right products at the right place and reduce losses by knowing where the products are.


Our EXPERTISE at your service:

What are your needs for improving ROI on:

- Fleet Management

- Asset Management - Digitalization of Assets

- Safety Management

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Contact details:

SECURILUX (Kheiron s.à.r.l.)

1, rue Enz

L-5550 Remich

G-D de Luxembourg

+352 621 25 32 32