Asset Management


  • The “IOT” Tracking solution
  • Small size “Credit Card”
  • Thickness is 8 mm
  • Up to 1 year standby

(@ 1 position/hour )

  • Rechargeable
  • Works in metal containers
  • 98% Worldwide coverage




Discover the most flexible tracking solution in the market.


Know what happened with your shipment during transport.


We could also measure the following points during transport:

- Temperature (For temparature sensitive goods)

- Impact (Especially for fragile shipments)

- Light/Dark (Has the shipment been opened?)

- Humidity (For humidity sensitive goods)


Or combinations of the sensors are possible, to ensure that your shipment is treated with care during transportation.

Knowing what happened helps you to understand how your product is presented to your customers.

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  • Reusable
  • “PAYG” (Pay As You Go)
  • Pay with credits/mission
  • No recurring charges
  • No Roaming costs


  • No surprises


Easy to use

  • Easy to use via APP, smartphone or tablet/PC
  • Start a mission
  • follow your parcel

to it's destination

  • Stop mission
  • Share Data with other business systems like

ERP, TMS, WMS, etc.

  • Compatible with all

transportation possibilities

(Regulation UN 3481, P.I. 967, Section II)

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